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Because of the fact that most of MCs doesn't even have hope anymore, they AVOID war. Yes, developers created one game content which is purposely avoided by large number of players, and that is an epic game design fail for an MMO in my eyes.


How about giving some incentive to players who already known they are going to lose? For example: Add some blue quests with great rewards (chests for example) that can only be completed during wars like: "kill 10 sentinel players during war of territories" or "inflict xxx damage on enemy flag during war of territories". This is one way to reward the losing side even if they known there's no chance to win.


At least things like this will easy the "free buffs" problem.

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Sigh... It really saddens me to see how the thing that developers intended to be an attraction to the WS to make more people come has turned into this.... *this*. :facepalm:

I am a lvl 6 arena player(don't use mcoins just farm dungeons for a lucky essence and sell it at dealer to become stronger :P ) and it is really hampering my arena playing coz of lvl 6 WAR BUFFED ELFS IN ARENA!(Yes there are some of those who go to islernot in elf side just to get a free buff for a day.)Atleast remove the buff thing and add something more materialistic reward such as a special chest for war only or something... As a guy stated above somewhere - War has become a buff machine.This is like-

MC= :mega_shok:

Elf= :diablo:

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That has nothing to do with why Elfs are over populated, maybe for less than 1% joining, but the majority join because BD/Ranger/Druid are brain dead classes and overpowered even in the dumbest hands, while anything other than rogue and barb takes using at least one brain cell to be effective.


The island was also short and easy to complete for new players,

you're probably still very new to understand that the overpopulation problem has been here since the beginning, mainly due to barbs and rogue's becoming walking dummies after 0.4 and staying useless until 1.5+, the numbers never balanced out in the coming update's, even after forsaken was released, elf's numbers did not stop growing due to the ease of the classes and already being a overpopulated side.


2011 war event:




Developers already predicted it.

Dear lord....

so many players.....without costumes!


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Someone told me that the Sentinels cried when Chosen/Forsaken were added. Because of Warlocks. Cried hard. And long.

Wlocks back then were sooo op :D yes, they did


Edit : wlocks used to block bridge (1 at that time), kinda endless dark circle :D --> explaining the kaworu/hamstring's word

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This isnt about crying about op classes anymore, this is about server imbalance leading to free dmg which co relates to the pvp aspect of the game which is being abused by you long ears. And nothing is being done to fix it.

It's up to the players to do that. The devs have an autobalance system, but that's all they can do.

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Mc only loose war because they are noobs, and I play mc exclusively. Mc CAN win war, they just dont want to, dont delete the event.

Give him a cookie, Noso!! :clapping: I wouldn't call Mc noobs but they give up too easily.


First wars here elves won always, now they win so so rarely ;D

Like he said: Elves won the first few wars but Mc found a way to beat them.

And Developers just can't do anything about the balance except what they have already done.

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Mc only loose war because they are noobs, and I play mc exclusively. Mc CAN win war, they just dont want to, dont delete the event.


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most Legion in Sapphire are too lazy, if sith leaders order its members to help other Legions for war there is a chance to win but that will be impossible because sith dont care about war buff (but they will cry blame this buff if they lost pvp):

1. mostly they do spam arena only members vs members

2. since this feature added they never want to attack sentinels area as a guild order because they are affraid that will be humiliating their guild if failed

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Oh my word, are elves and mcs born with different mentalities collectively?

Like is there a specific group that plays each side?

Sometimes you people talk utter crap no offence intended.

Make sense, mc are lazy it seems.... Both sides are being played by the same kind of people and one side continously wins.

Or are you saying no life (insert group) play on elf and noobs who are lazy play on mc?

Understandable is its a one time thing, but every war?

And you... Special people... Consider an entire server too less....

Feel bad...

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