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[2015.09.15] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Release

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Many of you fine fellow don't like when some people complaints but you have to think about their perspective as not all cant afford to spend huge and that they have been looking forward for newupdate with chest. Truthfully, the developers assure us unique chest with no common loot however we now all realized that its just a fluke. If the developers don't amend for their exploitation i fear that this game might see its last end game. I buy mcoins for sure however i also understand players who cant do that and their situation, please fr the love of god make this situation resolved.

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Hello there!

At first I would like to say words of apology for all issues that you experienced.


All game servers are online and waiting for you.


We are fixed issue with arena when you'll be able to fight together with players from enemy faction on one side.

Error with big level differences on arena was fixed as well.

Paladin's skill Sun Seal now working correctly, now it's applying correct debuff to an enemy.

Slightly moved teleports on new location on Ayvondil in new cities. Now they are way more noticeble.


We are very sorry for that long update.

All issues with game clients such as chat problem and others will be fixed ASAP with next client update. Expect it soon.


Happy playing!




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