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Faster way to input items on dealer

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I would like to suggest that when we sell an item there is an option to enter the amount of that particular item you want to sell.


For example I have 1550 arena tickets in my bag and want to sell 1000 on the seller, instead of holding the > button until you have 1000 we could instead put a ticket in and enter "1000" and all 1000 tickets will be ready to sell.


It takes me up to 5 minutes to put that many tickets into the dealer with the current system, but with this new method I'm suggesting it could take mere seconds to sell over 10 sets of an item on the dealer.


Please consider and ty :B

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And to transfer items via dealer much faster than trading 50+ times to another character :B


Also, I do hope they add a:

Buy 5 sets

Buy 10 sets

Buy 20 sets

Buy 50 sets

Option like this in miracle shop for high demand items like Arena tickets. It took me almost an hour to buy 2100 sets and store them in dealer. That's far too long :/

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