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[2015.08.21] Sorcerer's costume is leaving Miracle shop! All weekend sale!


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Hello there, warriors of Arinar!
We've prepared a magnificent and somewhat historical sale for you, you just can't miss it.

Our sale starts
21/08 at 15:00 CET, it's a proposition you can reject, don't even try :)
All costumes from this moment will be sold with 60% discounts, isn't it cool?

But you should pay close attention to the Sorcerer's and Sorceress' costumes, all four elemental costumes (of water, of fire, of earth and air) will leave our Miracle shop at
10:00 CET 24/08, when the sale ends. Embrace the magic, fellows, you should collect them all for sure!

Everyone knows, that elemental magic is really as old as Arinar itself, time have no mercy for it. Some of the magic secrets were lost forever, some of them were replaced by some new knowledge. Arinar keeps changing and magic do the same, but still nothing can challenge a glory of the first Sorcerers. Mantles, that once were a symbol of their power, are becoming history. Legendary deeds of their owners follow the same way. That's why these mantles can be worn only by those who've perfectly learned all four elemental magic crafts.

Good shopping for everyone this weekend, suit up and be cool!

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You're making us choose!?! duck the fire nation, earth bender for lifeeee.




EDIT: Wait, why's the fire nation costume cheaper than the others? u trying to buy my loyalty bruh!? .....cuz you've got it!


fire nation ftw :snorlax:

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Its kinda sad to know dat u are going to remove it :cray: : and Im waiting for an update that added troll coustume in mcoin shop back again lol :blush:  :blush:


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People gon' get fired because of this... water needed to cool them down. This ground-breaking sale will cause sky-high prices for them costumes.





Pun intended.

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