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AI(minions) as oppenents in arena

Jatin Desai

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i dont know about other servers but i played at the us and eu ones and i am seeing a certain problem , at US  ,there arent many 3x3 battles and at EU hardly any 5X5.. so my idea is why not  add a base team of AI as opponents , like for 3x3 and 3 ai team would be ready to fight by default so at minimum atleast the players would be able to have the arena experience  , same will go for 5x5 , a 5 AI team would be by default so ppl will always see 5 players at the arena selection option...now the AI could be the minions we already use , like for lvl 20 low , abyss zealot would be the tank , cat would be the healer and archer would be the dps , to make things interesting they could be buffed with the stats of a +9/+10 gear level player :diablo:  , as for the questions about the human element of choosing the right skills at the right time , i think that some of the skill usage has already been shown at a pretty good level in the game ..example ,the minions have been coded with the fixed set of instructions and the mobs in dgs too , they use skills already , the archers AIs in dg use power shot,the mages use kite and the same skills of the playrs have also been seen to be used by bosses..as for the AI aggro i think it could be set as the whole arena map ...now the purpose of this is not to fight the with AI but to start the arena sequence , since when 5 players start a fight with AI , other player seeing that some players have opted for arena will chose arena too..and the battle sequence will continue ;) ..the arena points gained agants AI could be set to lower than the normal Ap awarded too.


if any discussion on this topic has been done before kindly post the link


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those few million hp bosses work in a set pattrn of attacking the player at the top of the threat table(blind guess)..but these minion AI would be way complicated , they would have different stats and buffs , just like a +10 player ..hitting 1k or more easy cric for higher levels with max heals , at high levels a team of snow queen , lycanthrope and witch doctor could also be an idea ...if the coding is possible then the implications can be infinite .. upto the devs whether or nt they give this idea a thought ... it could end up in garbage too :crazy:

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