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Apply Here Hardcore Farmers Of US-Saphire.


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Ive gotten tired of finding a list of randoms just to go farming when i know there are people are there who also want to farm just as much as i do but the problem is usually time zone. So this is what i propose: i am looking for a solid team of 5 people who are reliable and agree to shareing when a big drop was found.

Also to even be part of my team u must be from USA no exception because its hard enough to keep up with other peoples time.


Our main farms will be


-spirit hydra

-(soon) faceless

-also any dungeon if wanted


If u want to be chosen simply reply with your name i will add you n jnspect you.

I will keep the topic up to date till the chosen 5 have been found. Thank you

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u want mc team too ;D?

Man... No matter what i gotta be specific asf xd

But look at my name Godsrange u can take a hint that im elf xD

So no to the mc team cus i dont have mc :/

Just elf please

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I remember doing something like this a long time ago in another game.. We would meet up in front of a dungeon midnight (my time) and played for like 2 hours each day. we did that for years x_x Relationships are formed, skills are polished, wealth is gained, and sleep is lost xDDD

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