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Immersive lore( with rewards)


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*Spawning a certain npc while doing a quest or visiting various area in the world itself,( which talks to you or gives some information about the various story regarding the background of the certain creature, area or infrastructure and how it came/made/separated/evolved/turned evil etc)  {maybe in chat bar with a distinct colored text viewable to only you or the party members}


or add a little cutscene which includes various npc following, chatting or talking to you regarding a certain matter /quest/ or guiding you where to go) {Most suitable in a dungeon where the cut scene is viewable to only the party member}


Eg: After defeating a certain creature in dungeon, a certain Npc appears which guides u to next stage or opens a gate.

      (maybe  with text and action like: Brave warriors, the (-------) resides in the chamber ahead follow me.   *and opens the gate to the chamber*


*a random creature from any part of the world dropping pages which can be combined to create a book which tells a certain part of the story of warspear or maybe guide you to a secret crafting recipe/ hidden achievement/ or maybe combine to create one of the scrolls from miracle shop( scroll of repair/teleport/revive/buffs)


*maybe even add various achievements with reward

-wisdom(ayvondil) (learn all secret/story about ayvondil) reward: x5-10 beneficial scroll

-wisdom(irslenort)(learn all secre/story about irslenort)  reward: x5-10 beneficial scroll

- wisdom(homeland) (learn all story/secret about all starting region) reward: homeland weapon skin(one weapon of choice)

-The Loremaster( learn all story/secret of warspear ) reward: (loremaster's costume/ librarian's costume) male/female

including every other regions



Just a immersive  way to tell the whole story of warspear in various part making it interesting while questing or roaming around the world or completing dungeons.


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