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1hp mobs Russian Roulette



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  1. 1. 1hp mobs with counterattack

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    • Gread idea
    • I like drowning innocent animals

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Pretty simple really, Give 1hp mobs(rabbits, chipmunks, small spiders... etc) the Bladedancer Expert skill "Counterattack". It would have a chance to deal 10,000 damage back at you if you attack the 1hp mob.


why?..... why not?

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I don't get it. Why?

cuz its fun


agreed with suggestion will make achievement of killing xxx number 1hp mobs harder to do if there will be one in future updates 

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They should have a very very very low chance to drop decorative items, or like almost every game does, troll weaponry (carrot sword for example)

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Or maybe dropping an item that can kill an opposite faction player by typing in his name, in shape of "Death" showing up and ripping off the player's head with his scythe

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