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No more privileges to the druid


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hello again expensive players and GMS!

we will once again talk about privilege of elfs, this time let's talk about druid!

one healer class that has 4 stuns !!! and also has an absurd where skill does any player in his dying en that this be full hp! a completely wrong, no class mc heal healer has 2 and 1 of them still do with a player dying just to be completely recovered, so this totally wrong, you demand an arena against elf, and just when it next to kill a druid to the leaves completely healed ... and that full advantage in the wars in the arena, not counting the fact that the druid had 4 stuns !! this privilege must end GMS! , You guys need to fix it because the game is quite unbalanced, elfs are the most because of that, in certain serves is up to 1 mc 7 elfs because of this imbalance of skills, you guys can not continue with this favoritism to elfs!

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