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Repair profession in crafting

Jatin Desai

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a repair professon in crafting that unlocks when any one profession reaches level 20 (or the max ).. for starting it could be like the who unlocks it can repair his weapon to 4/5% of total ..if the weapon is already above 5% durability it couldnt be repaired using profession , then with every maxed proffesion , this repair profession could gain a  upgrade with the repair percentage increasing to  7/8% ..then with the next maxed profession to 10/12%,(the percentage would be in the developers hand ), so the people who invest and max 5/6 professions would get about 20% or something in the repair profession , i think a profession like this would motivate more players to invest in crafting

p.s i dont know whether or not this topic has already been posted , if yes then kindly post the link

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