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Berserker skills?


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Some skills from another game



Berserker Class Skills

Active Skills


Annihilating Spin (Level 12): An unstoppable 360 degree attack, damaging and pushing back all nearby foes.

Bloodmoon Howl (Level 15): The scream of a madman. Enemies within range become infected with fear or paralysis.

Crippling Strike (Level 18): Sacrifice 10% of your HP to inflict a crushing blow, stunning and knocking back your enemies.

Unholy Strength (Level 21):  Gain a damage bonus with 2H weapons. At skill level 7, 2H weapons can be wielded with a single hand.

Passive Skills


Berserker Rage (Level 12): Deal more damage when your health is below 35%

Bloodlust (Level 15): Each enemy you slay will increase your damage for a short time.

Toughness (Level 18): Increase your maximum health points.

No Mercy (Level 21): Each successfully landed attack increases your attack and running speed.

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