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Guess Who Will Post Next

Hike Tyson

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bruh, i shrekt my phone.





actually im not refering to someone called shit.

so ill just call.............






glad maybe?


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Yes but I can't convince Karan to join us -__- I'm still working on it though :P


Ist dir eigentlich mal aufgefallen, dass cocktail eigentlich Schwanzschwanz auf deutsch heißen würde? :rofl:

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nicht wirklich. ganz streng genommen heisst Cocktail hahnschwanz... oder so :P


ich mein aber die Brandbombe/granate lel



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Aber teile das Wort in Cock & Tail :D Dann kann man doch auch Schwanz Schwanz sagen?






Cyka blyat idi nahui






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me no puuta


lolz reminds me of my lil sister who insulted me as a "pupa" (propably derived from "pups", a german word for a fart. "pupa" itself has no real meaning.)

i was not amused and i stated that im NOT a pupa  ]:> :3 :D


maybe ill see my lil sis here?

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