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Guess Who Will Post Next

Hike Tyson

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Roland. This time don't make me sad.

I don't know the spell Julie uses to call you succesfully everytime, so I say ABRAKADABRRRAAAA Roland!!

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W-w-why a she? :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: thats my old banned acc(thanks swaaz) don't tell me that you fall in love with kazuma :ROFL


Burrito isnt here.



The name kazuma sounded pretty girlish

And no.

Why would i? XD



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Kazuma is the name of the character i was using as profile pic.


Well, he was cool tho lol


nestly is sleeping :v


i summon someone whose name start with........ T

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Well, behead the 


I _

Now, sew the head and the toe.. then let it stand.


"V" for "Vanish". 


Heh, someone who missed me *grins*


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