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Guess Who Will Post Next

Hike Tyson

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Yes, I'm am.

Eternal Sadness FM is always with you.

Next autumn song is for Julie (she also is being invited to post next)

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Or me?

The Vera of Z..*mocking laughter*

Trick me or treat me..

Just give me my candy,

Lady Livi.

Here's my candy for you, our greatest artist *smiles*


And once again i knock at your door, Vera… *vanishes*

Edited by Livi
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[Covielo's Gingerbread]
For the fair maiden..

Careful with the sweets!

I saw the Owl and the Eagle..
Are they trick or treating too?

Edited by Vera_Z
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It's me!


r0land, could you play "Stole The Show" by Kygo on your Eternal Sadness FM? Tho this name is too depressed, should we call it "Clint Eastwood FM"?

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Wel, huw bout teh #1 vanishur?



Hey, thats pretty cool actually..

"Vera The Vanisher" *chuckles*


Wait what?




Vitamin BT


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