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[2015.07.28] There will be chests!

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Hello there, good fellas!
We heard you like treasure chests?
Oh, yes you are, and we remember about your present after our magnificent win at BestAppEver Awards.

Now it's a perfect day to look behind a curtain of this chest mystery.


In the next update everyone of you will receive five (5) magic chests with costumes, hairstyles, smiles and decorative skins (no regular loot, yes). This will be a totally new item that's why our best specialists are working right now on this very best present.


For now remain patient and remember, that you are the best audience around. Thank you for this!


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They new loot we will receive will be personal to the player who get it? Or we allowed to trade them?


yes, they will be personal.



When you say no "regular loot" do you mean that brand new items


no daily quests items.

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In the comments of this post I see many people thanking and happy, but for what reason? I think this "gift" ridiculous and mizervel without counting those 3 signs that we won with the update of kronus with that time limit and a mizeria compared to thetrillions and trillions to the aigrind invoice with players looking to party at the cost ofvery real money every day the game gets more mercenary AIGRIND please reassessyour actions with relation to neccessidade of mcoins in the game this getting boringthis difference in players with miracle and players without miracle should exist but so much? Don't stand so happy people open their eyes.

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