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Flails,Crash Helmets(Helmet That is used to bash others),1 handed spears,Gauntlets,Dual Crossbows,Gunlances,Guns(Renaissance Period Guns),Katar,Boxing Glove,Whips,Wands,Books,Telekinesis,Elemental Powers(Water,Earth,Fire, and Air) and more.
Weapon Skins are useless.Why hide and change weapon when you inspecting is available.Also the price of the Skins are like 20k-1M.

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The only stuff we need are new attack animations + new death animations, make the death animations 3 and put a chance for each one of them to happen

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Some are good and some are strange , but we'll if we say now the boxing gloves and amp them and your hands glow , well lel I don't know , and this would replace existing weapons like why a caster become a melee with gloves ? If these are applied some classes will lose their abilities in some ways , but I don't say that I disagree . Death animations like what the character explodes or becomes a tomb with a RIP or something / head is cut off if it is headshot ? I don't know haha oh well .

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Only considerable wep suggestions:


Wand (1h, like staffs but 1h) Book (1h, some magic def i guess plus some extra nice stats such as cd, stun, ls and so on) for casters

Mace with Magic as main stat and phys dmg as secondary stat (for amping purposes)

(1h Bows, but whats the counterpart ??)

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