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Remove Durability?  

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  1. 1. Should Durability be removed?

    • Yes
    • Yes

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Durability has been a problem since a long time ago.Shall we remove durability? Its getting annoying repairing and buying repair scrolls which is pointless.Seriously every time you get damaged -_- and repair and repair again! 

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The price for repairing is pretty low if you handle the situation right


So if you find urself wasting too much resources for durability, you are doing something wrong.


1. Stop Dying

2. Dont waste your gold

3. Buy scrolls if you are high lvl, they are cheap af compared to normal price, and use a random smith if your under lvl10 or so, thats cheaper also.

4. If you have a problem paying for it your suggestion is wrong


Personally, durability is one of the many seasonings that make warspear attractive to me.

If you have problems paying for repairing, you should consider editing your suggestion to "lower repair costs"


Also, i feel offended in the freedom of speech by the fact you make it impossible to vote against it

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