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[2015.07.17] Moments in history: Warspear Сhronicles. Сhapter V

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Finally, a watershed event happened in Arinar, one that would be recorded as of extreme importance. When Sentinels and Legion accumulated enough power, they landed on the shores of Ayvondil. It was discovered that the Eternal Forest was still full of life. Dark Elves, the descendants of the Firstborn, rebuilt the ruined capital, Maliat, and settled in the center of the island. Wishing to gain the trust of the new owners of Maliat, heroes clashed with servants of Filth who spread from the Rotting garden. At the same time, they learned about Adven-Tar - a Druid that committed treasonous acts five hundred years ago, during the War for the Spear. He reasons were due to the unrequited love he had for the Queen of the Valaria. He betrayed his people, and doomed the elves to defeat. Since then Adven-Tar has appeared inextricably linked with the fate of Ayvondil (4.0.0 "Mysteries of Ayvondil").

When many veterans of both Alliances sailed to Ayvondil, Nadir Sard found itself almost empty. Willing to return to old customers, merchants of the Chainless League built a majestic Champion's Coliseum - in memory of the old Coliseum. The old one was originally was built by Orin himself, long before he turned into the Cursed King. Only the greatest Guilds had the right to enter their men to battle with the monsters and gladiators in the new Coliseum (4.1.0).

Heroes of both Alliances continued exploring Ayvondil. Following in the footsteps of betrayer Adven-Tar, they found the land of lizzardmen, or Tlalocs as they were known. Offering sacrifices to their gods at the top of the pyramids, learning the wisdom of their hunters, herbalists and stargazers. Daredevils helped Tlalocs to repel the Termites, a mysterious underground tribe. Solving the mystery of the two leaders of the Tlaloc and their careless vows, helped them to identify where Adven-Tar, hid the Tablet of Eternal Peace to save his life. It was a relic of both Elves and Men. This tablet, half gold, half silver would once again reveal its secrets ... (4.2.0).

After the Median Night Holiday, everyone expected the traditional World Creation Day but it did not happen. It so happened that the Snow Boundary was empty and the White Elder was kidnapped by his demonic antipode - Evil Sandro. To release the Elder, trapped in Sandro's Ice Palace, the heroes of Arinar had to fight many villains from the past and see Orin's Forge of Gods. (4.6.0 "Triumph of Evil Sandro").

After the end of the Holidays, the alliances resumed their war - newcomers rushed to join the battle. Commanders of the Legion and the Sentinels realised that the rules of war had changed. It was extremely important to not solely defeat the enemies, but also take their lands and resources. Battles for territories rocked Irselnort to its foundations – not since the first War for the Spear had Irselnort experienced such ferocious battles. (4.7.0 "The Birth of the Tempest").

However, the ordinary people of Arinar were sick and tired of the war and were looking forward to honoring the Spring King. This is a joyful period celebrated on the cusp of winter and spring. The King appeared, but he looked both worried and saddened. The Ice Queen had kidnapped his daughters, the Spring Maidens. The heroes had to find the lost Maidens. If not found, spring would never come. (4.8.0 "The Honoring of the Spring King").

In early summer, mysterious white stones fell from the sky again. Wise men advised that this coincided with springs splitting from the Rivers of Time. Time in these instances had started to flow backwards. It was inconceivable – the pendulum of time has swung in the opposite direction. It was found that the White Stones were portals that allowed time travel. Hundreds of the brave went back to the times of the Median Night Holiday and the Day of World Creation to fight Sam Hein and Evil Sandro again. Those who wanted to find out more about mysteries of the past, travelled hundreds of years back in time and saw Orin before he became the Cursed King. Elam's Eye, an artifact that beloned to Berengar made him an easy victim of the evil god Garaan.

However, the power of the Eye helped Orin's troops to conquer old Maliat – the ancient capital of Ayvondil at the very beginning of the War for the Spear. Orin passed the Eye to Maradishu, the captain of the undead, to help him take Gaia's Clepsydra, an Elven Lord relic. The Queen of Valaria, the keeper of the Clepsydra, disappeared during the battle. So too did Maradisha's squad who were determined to seize it. No one knows what happened of the Eye of Elam and Gaia's Clepsydra. If these artifacts were ever found, they would be able to divert the shadow of danger ever hanging over the world. This would save Arinar from destruction. That was the meaning of the message found in white stones (4.11.0 "Seven Years of War").

So ended the seventh year of war.

Chronicles of the great confrontation between Guardians and Legion are interrupted for now, but do not end here. There will be far more to come!

Previous chapters:

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV

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I wonder which map in Ayvondil will open next.

I have the feeling that it'll be the Azure Shallows in South-Eastern part.



I really wanted to meet Valariya and take some selfies with her. *chuckles*


Thanks for telling us the Chronicles of Warspear.

It was so good to remember the old times. *smiles* 

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You probably got it wrong, music does not work on Symbian devices


Any news about the sound for Android clients? Please be fair and make it available... Because game has no-sense without it... This was shock for me to see that sound was disabled... You should return it for full version and light version can stay without it...

So if someone has weak phone we all have to suffer that? Please return it... :(

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