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[2015.07.16] Warspear Online 5.0 “Kronus’s Labyrinth”. Release

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Patience people, take this time to talk to your loved ones, through phone or in person. The update will come soon enough, rather have devs do their job well than rush it and make it full of bugs. Further more, it'll be there for years to come so the little delay in that time frame doesn't really matter.


-Another player eagerly expecting to test it

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Nice update, now u finaly give an update to high lvl players. Perfect, hope u will do that in future also. Hahaha archievments good idea to make much money really fast. Wait for ur next ideas, maybe jobs like fishing, first aid etc. And last word from me, INCREASE BAGSIZE !!!!!!

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Not only i woke up when update almost ready but also as a surprise free mcoins are back and i can upgrade to 20 bags i got to 16 lvl with 15 space which was annoying and unbind 1 item free...

Plus a new easy way to get additional 5 bag space

Plus Sound bugs fixed and hopefully that start crash bug

Plus 3 free signs when i needed them very much -_-


Ty gm in a week i made 70k gold by only doing quests and now i save a lot of gold with your free gifts im a living proof to the crybabies who cry about non mcoin user cant be decent in this game they just want +10 and best gear from day 1 hahaha

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