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Mage class too easy die in arena

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I hav +9 mage. And I'm expert in building skills of mage. Its true that mages op in War, arena 3*3, 5*5 and dg. Even a +4 mages can do more dmg than bd or ranger in arena. But it also true tht mages can't win against pro healers except Keslerr and Skynete(both hav multiple arena Rewards)

mage is the only class in ws which don't hav proper stun skill. Even u hav 5/5 chains enemies can use all kind of skills. And our Fear skill works like 1/10 times only.

Still mages is more fun than any other class. I love mages. We just need 1 proper Stun skill.

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Mages must know how to act in arena, same as ranger, stay at back till ur teammate gets attacked then dive in and deal massive amounts of damage, save ur tp skill for when enemies use stuns (dark circle) and get the hell outta there.

Also, always try to hit as many people as possible when using aoe skills and stuns


Dont try and go in first, because you are not a tank, i think mages need one 100% stun but that about it


plus mages are fun for pve :D :D

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