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Hello everybody!

I'm here today to talk about raid bosses, which are currently very outdated and in need of a decent overhaul. 

So I made this thread to address this issue.




Yes, I know there is a raid boss in the golden dunes, but currently the game's PvE is too strong for raid bosses these days.

And it's also much easier to kill him because of this, besides, if a faction has control of the raid boss, if a random team has better PvE equipment and are more prepared, they may end up getting the reward from the boss drop, this in my view is unfair for other people who were left facing the enemies to keeping the boss in their possession, with all bosses having PvP attributes, it will be easier to keep the boss with them and also a random team will not have as easy to get the reward from the boss.




I know that last anniversary there was a minimal change to most of the raid bosses, but currently for current PvE, they are very weak, and I think they need to get stronger for it to be truly a challenge for players and guilds!




It's been a long time since the kronus labyrinth was released, and since then there haven't been any significant changes to it, especially in the kronus raid boss, in my view, there is no logic in a powerful dragon that almost destroyed the entire Arinar is so weak that a simple player with unamplified equipment can kill him, I'm sure many have the same view as me and They want a change about this!


Well, that's it, I hope the developers read this suggestion carefully (even though I find it difficult) and improve the game to be more interesting!

That's it and until next time.🙃

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with raid bosses is problem from a long time. alot of them die in a minute or 2 and only most richest guild killing all of them only and there is no chance to be killed them by other guilds because some of them are extremly rich and doing these raid bosses in 3 guilds. I hope they find solution for it because they drop rarest books and is so sad because is so hard to kill 3 guild of elfs for example with mc guild and we all know on mc side on all servers always play alot of less people comparing to elfs side :(

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