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[2024.05.13] Week Event: Knowledge Rush!


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Prepare for a knowledge rush to unfold across Arinar! This week, seize the unique opportunity to stock your shelves with precious tomes – this is your chance to gain new knowledge or expand your present wisdom!

  • The rarest non-class Books of Enhanced Penetration, Enhanced Critical Hit, and Enhanced Accuracy can now drop in all Dungeons on Mythical difficulty (with higher drop rates in higher-level dungeons)
  • Expert Skill Books (a total of 180!) for every class can now drop in all Dungeons on High, Heroic, and Mythical difficulties
  • x2 drop rate for the non-class Books of Critical Might and Battle Humility in all Tombs and Outposts
  • x2 drop rate for the non-class Books of Desert Majesty, Power of Spirit, and Power of Life from Treasuries for the Horrors of Dunes, Music of Magic, and Wild Hunt guild events
  • x2 drop rate for the non-class Books of Critical Frenzy and Threatening Humility from Tribal Chests
  • x2 drop rate for the non-class Books of Absolute Strength and Might of the Depths from Pirate Chests
  • x2 drop rate for the non-class Books of Controlled Humility, Magic Extension, Magic Resistance, Physical Protection, Magic Protection, Enhanced Critical Damage, Enhanced Critical Healing, Melee Combat Tactics, and Ranged Combat Tactics from the raid bosses Demon of the Golden Sands, Orcinus, Captain Giant Octopus, Engineer, Black Elm, and Dungeon Horror
  • x2 Guild Points earned in all Dungeons.

Event duration: 13.05 13:00 CEST – 20.05 12:00 CEST


Forward, for trophies!

The Warspear Online Team

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