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Soulswap - US Sapphire - The Basics of Warspear Online

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The Basics of Warspear Online


Warspear Online is a MMORPG, 2D, Pixel Art game.


Playable on Android, IOS and Windows.


Some tips for immersing yourself in the war of the spear.


To start the adventure, choose a side:




Choose a Race:

Mountain Clans;


Each race has 5 classes (totaling 20 classes with unique skills)and also a native map with its own storyline.


There are Damage, Defense and Support classes. Some classes are hibrid.


Choose the class that best suits your playing style.


Some Classes wear Cloth Armor, Light Armor,Heavy Armor or even 2 types of armor combined.


Accessories : Capes, Amulets, Rings e Bracelets.


Weapons: one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, Shields, Bows, Crossbows and Staves 


Craft You can Craft exclusive weapon / armor / accesorries


Cristals & Runes:


Cristals usually enhance your equipments / weapons with offensive status (penetration, crítical, accuracy, etc)


Runes usually enhance your equipments / weapons with defensive status (physical defense, magical defense, dodge, parry, etc)



With amplification system, there is a possiblity to Power UP your gear up to +10


Each class starts with 5 basic skills, which can be:
Increased damage;
Area Damage;
Self / Ally Buff;
Debuff a chosen enemy or area;
among many others


Each skill can be strengthened with relics


Each skill can be improved with talents


To earn XP you need to do missions: interacting with specific characters (NPCs) in the game.

Clicking / Tapping on a NPC with "?"  "!"  makes you interact with it.
Missions can be: collecting items, killing mobs, interacting with more NPCs or even everything in the same mission.


Missions also give:



Resources needed to develop your character's talent tree.


Gold: Needed to buy items/equipment both in the game's market and from other players.


Consumables: HP, mana or buff potions for the character.


Online Gameplay:

Is possible to form groups with other players to do missions together faster,  defeating stronger bosses and obtaining valuable loot.


The game's natural PvP event takes place on map 2 (Irselnort) where, players from opposing alliances can meet and duel.

Fighting in Arena or GvG


Guilds and Alliances:

From the first map, you can join a guild or even create your own.
Being in a guild allows you to study passive skills that improve your character's status, and active skills to all guild members.
In additional, members are able to participate in exclusive events for guilds and prizes that only appear there.

It is also possible to form alliances with other races / factions within the game.  For example, the Chainless League, in which, if you achieve high reputation, gives access to exclusive Items from League merchants.


On other maps like Ayvondil, it is possible to gain reputation with many other races / tribes.
In the Almahad desert you have access to benefits from a non-playable guild.


But don't do all this without passing through the illusory Astral Labyrinth and the beautiful and dangerous swamps of Kotaravva.



To do all this it is necessary to always keep your bag with only what is NECESSARY, what means, do not carry items that you are not going to use. Also use your personal storage and the guild storage.  Selling unused items not only frees up space in your bag but also earns you extra gold.


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