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Short but sweet.

Just like party invites, give us a checkbox option to disable/enable exchanges. No point filing up your ignore list for people just being too persistent on exchanging with you.

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I often get "random" exchanges o.O so maybe this is good c:

 It's more than often to me from gold begerz lel 

Yeah, would be neat. But sometimes, when people exchange me, I know they simply wanted to inspect me but missclicked

You will see he tried to exchange you on info so you will say .. oh ye they inspect me now 8)
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Lol I took him to MC's territory on map 2, got some popcorn and watched him getting ganked, then I ganked his ganker


Anyways, disabling exchange stuff is present in many, many games so I guess its a simple idea but effective

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Please this, ppl spamming exchange for free shit or stupid trades is so frustrating. Especially when you're typing a message on a slow ass phone, so the virtual keyboard lags, and they exchange you resetting the message.

I hate how many times that happens to me....

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