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Last one to leave close the door.


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Hello Warspear Online community!

I started my story here in 2016, with a lot of enthusiasm and perspective. Between stops and returns, 8 years passed.

On my journey I made many friends and adversaries, a lot of emotions, a lot of time spent and a lot of learning.

I identified myself on the legion side and was a member of the largest guild (KINGDOM). There were many legendary achievements obtained during these years.

Lately there have been some bugs, and Aigrind's attitude in resolving them has led to some criticism and controversy, such as gold. There was also a bug with the guilds' spring points, where after the "solution" of the bug some guilds had more points than they should have, and this harmed some players who played the game competitively.

Finally, with the end of the KINGDOM - TU guild, several players stopped playing warspear online permanently, and one of them was me.
I hope to have contributed to the game at some point, and I hope the administration improves.

This is not a see you later, it is a GOODBYE.


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