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Iljorh, The phoenix


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Iljorh, A legendary and unique bird species that almost extinct and lives in merciless, arrogant and hateful against the warriors who tried to attacked him.


The phoenix defeated almost all warriors and casters until it burn itself and dying from a spell that cast by a mighty paladin;fleeing itself to the north-east part of Ayvondil;recovering itself within the deep hidden dungeon.


One day, a brave ranger explored the north east part of Ayvondil and he found out that a mysterious bird lying and sleeping within the deep hidden dungeon.


The Phoenix awake from his recovering and strike the ranger swiftly and flew away outside the skies.

Now the Phoenix is back to revenge and ready to burn all villages.


The Phoenix

Hitpoint : 2500000+ 3500000+

Energy: 700

Basic attack: ranged(fire)

Damage: 400 damage

physical and magic defence: 2500+

Species: flying bird



Fire ball (mage skill): damage the attacker

Shattered stone (mage skill): damage all surrounded attacker.


Special skill:

Pyroclasm: Speed up the Phoenix attack speed by 50% and damage sorrounded attacker two times.



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