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       Legend says,Silas was born of a cosmic egg (egg of a demi-god) that was once so revered and worshiped in the old shrine of Ayvondil berofre the war of spear. But the war  did a massive demage on the external  par of the shrine. The shrine was totaly desolated from then on and soon long forgotten.

        Untill one day, some travellers believed to heaed a deep groaning form the abandoned shrine.From then on rumours began to spread far and wide that Silas(god of the old shrine) in his great anger is ever ready to unlesh his wrath uppon every living creature that lives in Arinar for despising him and his shrine for many years. Many selected warriors were to check the rumour; many died few returned to confirm the rumer true.



                                                      So warriors of Arinar prepare to meet the angry god 'Silas'.



       Nature of Boss: Stubborn. vigaros and fiery

                                (Other status of boss like Hp, energy, block, defence[both physical and magic],etc are up the Admin )




  1. Turmoil (combination of shield strike and earthquake): Strikes with the shield on the ground; those in close combat will experience shield strke and those at the range of 3-5 yards will experience an earthquake(simultaneously).
  2. Dark wish: Allows the boss to steal demage skill from the most agressive opponent and use it inturn.
  3. Fear : effects on those under the range of 1-3 yards.        


       Light wing (mage's sun armour): absorbs certain amount of magic demage.




                                            Thank you. Hope you all like my Boss :blush:


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Maybe because, sir DzSpiritee's boss, Dratoz, is somehow similar to Silas..
Both one-winged boss *grin*

Well, I'm hoping you good fortune with your Angry God, sire. *vanishes*

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