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"Legend says, the days of yore ever lived a creature that has enormous power. Some say it was dead. But some believe that it was just being asleep, waiting to be awakened"




Far bottom of the deepest valley of Ayvondil, living a creature that still asleep. A Horrible flame-haired black-eyed creature waiting to be awakened.


After the war of spear, when all of the energies absorbed into the ground. These energies collide with each other and produce a great power that inadvertently release the sacred seal that binds the creature.


Now she's back for revenge. With heart filled by anger and hatred, expert in using the "Hell's Blade" and ability to spew a giant fireball out from her mouth, she promised to kill everyone who gets in her way.





HP     :  2.000.000

Energy : 2.000

Energy regen : 100

Physical attack : 500

Magical attack : 500



Appereance : Pitch black-eyed, Flame-haired, 4 black wings, with 2 blades that stick to her hand called Hell's Blade.



Movement : Guarded by 3 Giant lava-ifrits, She moves around quickly, ready to kill anyone who enter her place.



Location : Deepest Valley of Ayvondil




Active skills:

(Old Skills formation)

1. Merciless Strike (Rogue's skill)

2. Illusory Chains (Mage's skill)

3. Elusive Jump (Rogue's skill)

4. Fireball (Mage's skill)


(New skills formation)

still use skill number 1 and 2, Just replace number 3 and 4 with my new skills concept.


3. Inferno Jump (new)

[its like rogue's elusive jump but also setting fire to the enemy, while target is on fire it suffer magic damage for a periode of time]


4. Demon's Breath (new)

[its like Mage's fireball but its appereance is much more bigger, causes damage to target and enemies located nearby. Also have small chance to stun enemies]



Passive skill:

1. Rage of Hell (new)

[When hp remains 10%, the Accuracy and Speed of attack increase to 50% and able to spawn "Fire totem" every 10 seconds]













Sorry for my bad english, i am not so good in english, also writing a story.  I use Google translate, so if u find some weird words up there let me know.

i will update this post soon.


Feel free to give suggestion. please :)








Lomba 1.jpg.jpg


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