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Resetting 1Month Old Or Older Idle Charactors


Should Warspear Team Delete Unused Or Idle Charactors?   

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  1. 1. Should Warspear Team Delete Unused Or Idle Charactors?

    • Either reset charactors on warspear accounts that arent being used in gaming.
    • Delete charactor if not used for more then a month +
    • Notify players through email if they are not playing with that account anymore, that their account will be deleted

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I have made a thread in the same kind of manner is this one.

My issue is in regards of other online users that are reserving certain names for charactors that arent being used for proper gaming online.


Is it possible to have account charactors reset, if sitting idle for more then a months time???


Please let me know ASAP.


Regards... The Highergod




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I understand about your reserving name problem,but that will affect the other normal players too.Hmmm,I think 1 month is a bad idea(maybe longer),cause I've stoped playing warspear for 1 month and a half then came back to play again.Plus resetting our char without our notification is a bit cruel cause we put our time(and money for the ppl bought MC) in it.Hmm I dont know,I know i'm gonna retire from warspear,just dont know when yet.But when I do I just have this idea of revisiting it again 1 year later just to see the changes and maybe play a little bit. :drinks:


EDIT:Oh you put a notification option at poll,I think that would be the best way.

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Yeah quit ur crying too bad if someone has a name you like, shutup and think of another and quit acting like a 8 year old girl. And what name made you so pissed to make this stupid topic? I hope its one of my future characters for after update.

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u want gm delete my 12chars? which i pay alot money to make them %).some of them not active from past 3moths lol.:D


WORSE IDEA EVER :facepalm:

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