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[2015.06.08] Preview: Warspear Online’s 7 years anniversary!

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i like it to be honest ill be spamming the entire time on my chars as soon as i buy a new phone happy theres something going on just wish it ended atleast on the 10th of July if it is 2 weeks short.....:(

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Rare decorative skills

Rune Oracle's Knife
Rune Oracle's Broadsword
Rune Oracle's Broadaxe
Rune Oracle's Stave
Rune Oracle's Bow
Rune Oracle's Crossbow
Rune Oracle's Shield


skills ? what that mean , not seen rune skills befor 


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nice, happy birthday Warspear i missed the last Christmas event and now i have a chance to participate in this event. i was take a break after halloween event i spam stamina elixir for dungeon but only got 1 good/trash rare drop.........
while i live in Legion land :crazy:
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