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Magnificent Ayvondil turned into Mysterious Cursed Eternal Forest the day inhabitant elves left it to build a new home in Melvendil as they felt too much darkness and filth in it brought by legions . But Eternal Forest survived, it's will to live was stronger.The various tribes and nations considered the forest as homeland by right. They managed to partially rebuild the destructed cities and tried to made them like they were before the war and the recent plethora of Sentinels and Legions have made Ayvondil to recover substantially.



During the battle in Ayvondil all tribes supported the Sentinels as they were enraged by the attack on their homeland.The Newts of the Azure shallow with their knowledge of amplifying the magical powers and creation of mystical portals with immunity to blood magic turned out to be a nightmare to the nightmare of Sentinels - The Warlocks of King Odin. The ferocious Undeads were afraid to face the Azure denizens in head on battle.The Commander of Azure army was Khalrog a brave warrior having prescience in battle having made him worthy of being the commander.When the battle was over , one day Khalrog with scout party came across a large band of Undeads who were carrying a casket through Azure Shallow secretly . In a quiet long battle, undeads were lying on ground. Then Khalrog curiously went near and opened the casket in which he found a bottle which contained blood. Khal became suspicious why would undeads will carry blood with such caution and protection. He got his answer when he opened the lid of bottle .... snakes hiss and a deep voice he heard, the surrounding became cold and a taint was felt .He immediatly put the lid back ,as the blood was of Garaan.

A Deathknight who had some life left threw this spear towards Commander and in a moment everything stoped for a while when the spear hit the bottle and the blood spill over Khalrog's body . He felt a burning sensation and a huge energy flow in his body ,the pain made him unconsious. When he wokeup after a while he was not him anymore ... Body turned into a serpent with wings protruding from back ....Tuskers and fiery red eyes even brighter than magma....the sight of him made the soldiers run away in fear.... Confused when he reached the city gate, soldiers attacked him to his surprise and dismay...He was no longer needed in this state, enraged he destroyed the city and killed anyone who came in front of him and after the havoc he left .

As time passed evil took control of Khalrog and once a celebrated commander became a monster with prolonged mortality and destructive powers



HP: 1 000 000

Attack: P- 490

M- 460

Defence: P- 4 000

M- 3 000

Location : Azure Shallow caves

Weapon : Harpoon , but he dont use.

Harpoon- New weapon in Warspear. After defeating Khalrog harpoons are unlocked .(Stats left for devs discretion) Upgraded spears.



Vortex Rage : Three vortex are summoned, pushing players to a certain distance when touched.

Fierce strike : Increased physical damage hit having chances of player getting stun.

Isolation : Earthquake is created and Lava comes out from ground which do continuous damage for some time.


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