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Bakhtiaar The Stinkydemon and Sandaar The guardian of Hell


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Bakhtiaar The Stinkydemon


HP: 2000000

HP Regen: 700

Mana: 1500

Mana Regen: 150


Bakhtiaar is also called The stinkydemon because his body decomposing and gives a foul odor. He comes from the depths of Hell, is one of the most powerful demons. He doesnt have wings, but he can levitate.

He is a tribal warrior who uses spells to increase their combat skills. He was corrupted by the power of Garaan, it has become a Forsaken, this increases his strengh, so he was kicked out of Hell to Arinar with his friend Sandaar.

Now full of anger, try to stay calm by meditating somewhere in Arinar. He will try not to unleash their anger as his strength could threaten all existence. He doesnt have wings, but he can levitate.




He will be in a deep trance (so dont disturb him), meditating all the time and in this way keeping all his power in control, until we interact with him and we show the collar of Sandaar. He couldn't contain his anger, then he will attack us with his blades (normal attack). Also wield their swords in a powerful attack, that increase significantly the damage caused. He throws hellfire balls and voodoo rituals to attack his foes and increases his physical defense.



-Hellfire: Fireballs throwing, that burns and cause damage for a time.

-Rush: Fierce attack with swords to deal high ammount of physical damage.

-Voodoo: 5 yards of reach, poison the targets in the area.


Sandaar The guardian of Hell


HP: 500000

HP Regen: 300

Mana: 1000

Mana Regen: 100


Born in the deepest place in Hell product of hatred of centuries of wars and conflicts, because of this is very aggressive and fierce. His eyes reveal the unquenchable fire that is inside his breath charring everything it touches. Its bite is feared throughout the underworld. Its a fierce servant and guardian of Bakhtiaar, who considers his best friend.



Its guards the path to his boss, lurking for intruders wanting to disturb his master meditation. It has a breath of fire devouring their enemies and reduced to ashes, and its powerful bark which it terrorizes those it faces. With its powerful jaws crushed and devours the bones of the intruders.



-Fire breath: Powerful attack, sets to the target that causes damage for a time.

-Bark: Can stun the target

-Bonecrusher bite: use his fangs to deal high ammount of physical damage.







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