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Hyperion - The Titian

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Hyperion is one of the twelve titan and child of Uranus and Gaia . Following the dream of his brother Cronus , he helped him to overthrew ruling of their father Uranus ,and Cronus became the new ruler . 

To maintain peace and balance in the world , Olympians overthrew them. But due to immense power of Hyperion , he couldn't be killed but was sealed into the lands of Arinar.

With the rise of his brother Cronus , the seal has broken and Hyperion is free . He wishes to bring the Golden Age back . Its duty of the people of Arinar now to protect their homeland , or there would be no people left.



Stone armour


Hyperion surrounds himself with a strong armor and goes to a state where neither he can attack , nor the people could hurt him normally.He regenerates during that time.


In order to break his state and armor , a specific sequence or combination of attacks have to be used.

For example :- rouge's merciless strike + shaman's ball lightning + warlock's arrow . These combinations have to be stated in game .


Voodoo magic 


After Hyperion loses X amount of hp , he curses random member from party . That person would be able to attack his party members . He has to kill one member from party or he will die after Y amount of time .


Death seal 


After his death , seals on his body are broken and 2-3 dragons or other creatures are released (just to prevent people standing idle for too long after boss kill)

Summoning hounds

Hyperion is able to summon hounds to help him (2-3 hounds like mobs)


Fire Aura (Passive skills)


People close to the boss suffers some amount of damage per second .


More skills like aoe stuns , roar , etc. could be added .





Close to the camp .. maybe just like ponti .. 


Here's the pic (from web)




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Really good but do an original drawing of a boss it must be yours even if you don't draw well. ;)

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All titans looks same .. a bit like yeti ...  so i guess any drawing or pic would work (dnt feel like drawing the same pic on paper which i can get from web). More important thing i feel is to develop new skills for the boss and make it more interesting 

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