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Aak-Zahar, Serphuros' Reborn


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... Kotaravva, Breath - Catchers' council.


Today is a special day for our little Aak, son of the greatest warrior ever existed: Zahar. His father gained the title of "Human breath-Catcher", and gained the respect of all of you. Today, our young warrior will be the new Human Breath-Catcher! Is there something you want to add, Gnoll's Breath-Catcher? - "No" - Answered the oldest of the gnolls. "And what about you, Froggle Breath-Catcher?" - " you have already said everything, your Majesty"- said the oldest of the froggles.

"Let this warrior pass his trial, then!". The whole crowd applauded, the council was full of froggles, Gnolls and Humans. The little Aak has to prove his might now...


...Lair of the Hydra - Kotaravva.


The young boy was followed by a big ammount of warriors... he knew that his battle was maybe the hardest of his whole, young life.

"STAY NEAR ME, AND ATTACK WHEN I'LL GIVE THE SIGNAL! " - "YES AAK". His army was loyal and trustworthy, Aak was happy of this. the air burns... They try the taste of the fear, but with Aak as leader, they felt more safe. Aak suddenly stopped... they were arrived. The hydra was waiting for them. Aak proceeded with caution, and as soon as the hydra started to sleep, Aak said "ATTACK!".

The whole army attacked The Hydra with all their power. Aak attacked first, his arrow hitted the hyrda near his throath. They were united, strong, and loyal to their leader. the battle was hard, but Aak and his army didnt surrender. "LET'S GO, LET'S KILL THIS FREAK OF NATURE!". Aak acted like a hero.... but...

the second head of the Hydra hitted the young Warrior. "AARGH!" shouted the warrior. "My hands... My legs... aaargh!"... the young warrior was near death. His army was still attacking, and didn't realize their leader has fallen. When closed his eyes... there was nothing his army could do. The battle has been won by Aak's army, and they collected Hydra's head, but who will bring this terrible news to the council? His friends, his warriors... all cryed for the missing of thei little leader....


...Strange Place - Astral Labyrinth.

Aak woke up. "Where am I?" "Where's my Army? ". "You are dead, my little warrior". Aak was surprised: it was Serphuros, their God. "Oh mighty Serphuros, what happened to me? "- Serphuros didn't reply. But suddenly started to talk.. "I am the one you have prayed before your battle". After those words, Aak remembered everything: the battle, and how did he die. "I know what are you thinking now... you want revenge". Aak didn't reply, he refused to find peace through revenge. "Resistence is useless, I am a God, I can do everything for you" Aak then realized he could really have another fight against his enemy, if he wanted to... "How could I fight, once I am dead?" - "Eh eh eh" - laughed Serphuros - " I was right then, well, my little boy, I can give you a power, that everyone could only imagine. I am the one who can bring your body back,the one who can let you see your friends again". At those words, Aak cryed, and a beautiful memory went in his mind. "I accept" - Said the warrior. "MWAHAHAHA! You are so corruptible, my little Aak". Aak was scared. Serphuros took his dead body, and his soul entered too Aak's body. He was finally alive. But when he realized that, his body was not the same as before. He became an horrible creature and hidden in a mysterious place, sweared to kill everyone who will obstruct his road... "Im sorry dad.... Im sorry.... "20150602_162518.jpg


Location, Astral Labyrinth- New place.

Boss: Aak-Zahar, Serphuros' Reborn.

HP: 1.5M

MP: 330

Dmg: 500

Magic damage: 250

Defence: 3000

Magic defence: 2000

Mana Regen 130, 65 during fights.

Behaviour: this boss is maybe one of the stronger. In fact, during some periods of fighting, he will run away ( without evading ) and attack with ranged attacks, who cause magic damage. He is surrounded by some minions from astral labyrinth ( 4 minions ). 2 of them will evade if the party stays in a corner of the room.One of the Aim of the boss is draining the party's mana, so it is advised to bring some pots with you ( unless you have a lot of mana regen )


hp: 15k

Mp: 100

Attack: 200

magic attack 0

defence 1k

magic defence 1.5k

Mana Regen 1

Skills: Aspir: Drains an ally's Mana of 20% ( total mana ) everytime he uses a common attack, (20 mana usage, CD 5 secs, Respawn of those minions Every 5 minutes)

Boss' skill

Sentence: Casts Elusive Threat to the whole party ( 1/4, 48 Mana usage, CD 20 secs, low damage)

Panic: as necro's skill, makes the whole party to run away (same stats of "Panic", Lv18 Necromancer's Expert Skill)

Memory of Ravva: casts infection to 3 allies of the party ( 4/4, 60 mana usage, CD 40, Random choice )

Drops. As a very strong boss, its drops must be awesome as well, what do you think? With Cathalyst / Essences and Bars, Unity Signs ( no spheres, so, if you get a drop, feel lucky ^^ ) it will be an awesome Serphuros' Suit (2%)


AND, 2 awesome skins such as Serphuros' Cleaver (5%)


and Serphuros' Arrowshooter (5%)


Do you think it is enough? Ha ha ha, nice XD

there's more :[

With some chances of drop, AaAak-Zahar will give you some of the most valuable of his trophy: SERPHUROS' EQUIPMENT SET!

This set allows you to avoid Stun skills! Each set adds you 5% of avoiding percentage. Let's take a look :D

Serphuros' Armor and Serphuros' Gloves


And last but not less important


I hope my work will please all of you. Forgive me for some grammatical mistakes XD. Thank you for all your advices and have a nice day all :D

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That Serphuros is cunning. Poor Aak.

Great story, sir.
Featuring the wonderful Ravva.

I wonder what will come out with that left arm *excited*

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Estuans interius

Ira vehementi


Estuans interius

Ira vehementi




Lol?? XD ;)


I thank you all, sorry for my slow reply, but that's due to developper's restriction. I am glad my story pleased you all :D

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