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Maliat War Dog

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Hello ya'all. After a week of preparing to actually begin with the designing

and drawing etc of the boss, ai finally finished everything and am ready to show

you my creation.


The Maliat War Dog (formerly just a Wolf without a name),

is a two headed Dog (or Wolf) creature captured by the Maliat

elves on Ayvondil long time ago. It was used to defend their village,

and also used in tribes. The creature was tamed and loyal to them, that's

at least what they thought.


The creature itself was created in a unusuall way, the nature in Ayvodil

released energy into the ground, via their roots, in a slimy-liquid form.

So, they weren't just producing air for breathing, but also a mysterious energy.

The energy started to spread over the ground as well, and stumbled upon a dead wolf

body. The body began to soak into the energy, slowly reviving the wolf. However,

the wolf wasn't the same as before. Not by personality, nor looks. The energy made

it grow, it started to gain enormous power, and it was way more aggresive.


Though that weren't the only changes. The wolf gained also another head, it could

appear thanks to the big rests of energy slime that were still present after the

revival of the wolf. It's new head had a bigger brain, and the ability to use magic power,

however, it's maul's and jaw's power wasn't as big as the original one's.


In this new form the "wolf" began to travel through the whole isle, hunting for food, and

looking for drinkable water.


One day it came across a Maliat Elf sentry, who immidiently called reinforcements.

Weakening the wolf they sealed it in chains and brought it to their hometown.

They kept him sealed the whole time.

The wolf (pretended to be) was so loyal as a regular dog, that's

why they called him a war dog.


That's where the taming and training begun. After months, the wolf was becoming

tame, and soon they had a powerfull addition to their army.


The wolf was actually planning to escape, the soldiers getting sure about his loyalty,

were since then never prepared for him to run wild and attack them.


After a non-busy week, the wolf rested enough to gain energy. And tried to break the

chains and escape, after a few chaotic hours of attacking and running he was already running

out of their castle and escaping into the wild, running so far to make sure it won't be easy for

them to find it, it escaped into unexplored forests. Now it's back to take revenge.



Alright, that was the story. Long enough? Good enough?


Now lets move on to the other stuff.

It's behaivor on the map? Walking around like every boss,

it's spotting sight should have a great radius, hence it's a wolf.



Powerfull Howl - Increases the Dog's damage by 10% while decreasing

each player's dmg in the same map by 5%

Slime Seal - seals players to the ground, making them unable to move

Energy Shot - a green magic projectile that causes twice the base dmg of the dog


The dog should have 1m hp, and a base dmg of 270.


Now the pic:


(dA link for full picture: http://r4yptor.deviantart.com/art/Maliat-War-Dog-536799008 )


Btw, with that new energy in play, I could imagine more mobs/bosses like him

spawning around ayvondil.


And he could also be in the next Ayvo extension, if not, anywhere in current ayvo.

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-,- I bet you could find something similiar to every boss u will see here


Only the ones who didnt put in enough thought lol

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Only the ones who didnt put in enough thought lol

True, however

there are too many designs of monsters and whatsoever, and it's hard

to make something new or really original now.

Even when you put in a lot

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