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The sun is shining and birds are singing in a beautiful and peaceful suburb. Anywhere you go, you will get a friendly smile and a warm greeting.


However, Jacob, a cool kid from the city, is full of anger and bitter thoughts. He is hell bent on bringing pain and suffering to every wussy weakling in this neighborhood. His trusty skateboard provides his means of traveling and serves as a weapon if necessary.






Allures some of the neighborhood's kids to aid Jacob.


Skateboard slash:

Jacob fiercely hits the opponent with the edge of his skateboard.


Flaming kick:

Jacob kicks over a grill, setting the lawn on fire and ruining the BBQ party.

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is that Horse... :shok:


i thought ur riding a Donkey





:wub: Btw.. will drop Skateboard i can run faster ...xD

You have a poor eyesight, my friend.

Or I'll just assume that you can't distinguish which is which? *chuckles*

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