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Asmeti - Sleeping Giant (Info Updated)


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A part of Arinar, a ferocious giant is hiding beneath the caves of Ayvondyl. Berengar itself knows what power and force it posses.



Elders of Maliats and Berengar, saw a star bursting in the sky. As Berangar looked at the star he began to see a somewhat like a big meteor. The meteor hits Ayvondyl. Giving the land a large crater.


They named the creature Asmeti, named after the bursting star.


Berangar and Maliats, felt what power the meteor has. Going to the crater they began to see the meteor is taking shape. The land begin to wrath, trees and creatures dies. Upon having its full form. The giant begin to destroy all the things he sees. The rage was felt in the whole Arinar.


Not far from the crater, Termites felt the power they need to take over Arinar. Termites watched as Berangar and Maliats fight Asmeti. The giant fell as its powers began to fade.


Berangar and Maliats almost finnish the ritual of sealing the giant. Thus, Termites came with its lust to control the power of Asmeti.


Tlalocs an allied faction of Maliats, came helping Berengar and Maloats in the fight on Asmeti and Termites. Berangar with the help of Maliats and Tlalocs sealed it leaving no trace.


As time goes by, Termites dark desires to posses Asmeti's power begin the search on every dark dungeons on the land of Ayvondyl.


Upon finding its lair, Termites one by one fall on Asmeti's lair. As the giant trebbles his lair, smashing, crushing creature on his path. Termites flee as the giants release its power.


The land and every creature on it dies. Rivers and lakes became poisonous.


With the help of power of Berengar, Maliats and Tlalocs your destined to fight the giant called Asmeti.



Sonic Boom

Bloody Tribute


Belly Drum - Heals like priest :D

Rage - 10 seconds



5000 Maliats

5000 Tlalocs



Asmeti's component is made from Power Stone ( has the power to heal itself ).

Both hands have HP of 150,000 ( when destroyed, its more likely to look like it is cut off ) and its belly ( main hit point ) has an HP of 1.5m.


HP - 1.8m ( Both hands and belly)

Mana - 340-400

Damage - 300-430

Skill Damage - 540-670



I see did such mechanics on other games and this is a cool touch if you ask me. :D:D:D


Updated :troll:post-37909-0-40652300-1433537905_thumb.png

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What is a Role Playing Game without large scale bosses, right?
I'm rooting this idea. *smiles*

May you have good fortune with your entry, sire.

Nice drawing by the way.
Though the..  boobs are kinda, err.. disturbing.

FIRST! xD *vanishes*

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Very nice idea + i must say these buddha boobies look kewl tho !

Ps also a nice idea with the seperation of targets,

What happens if 1 Hand gets killed? It dissapears?

+ give the Boss some skills ( more, maybe push skills?) To annoy the hunters :)

Good luck!

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Nice idea but I've seen this element of boss overplayed in other RPG's I like the buddah those :)

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thanks for good comments so far..bTw it is made from whats so called Power Stone..so its hands will not disappear instead like rocks its destroyed or some what cut off.. :)

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