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fire angel

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once upon a time, there was a warrior. he lived i the deep forest with small house and with comfortably. one night he saw a very beautiful lady, who he had never seen before. the lady is an angel who looking for the loves one. it was already 2 weeks they became a good friend and the warrior wants her to became his wife. however, the father from the lady angel did not accept because they lived in two different realm. the couple of warrior and lady angel still wants to get marriend and they soon get married. then the warrior made a vow, if he cheated her then the lady angel will burn herself and kill her husband. already a year for their marriage and had a son.
there is one day when the warrior meet a girl who is more beautiful than his wife, and they get to know each other. already a month the warrior know the girl and gonna meet her, when the wife is curious about her husband behavior and follow him. the warrior and the girl almost getting married when the lady angel saw them and getting angry and burn herself. thus, she burn everything around her and kill her husband. and the warrior dead instantly, meanwhile their son saw all of that and ask his mother
"mother what is happened to you ? why yo become like this ?"
the mother reply, "it is because of your father, and I no longer can control this body of min. Only you and your descendants who can stop me, now you must go before my angered fire get to you"


and the son ran as far as he can to the island


that island named Irselnort the Ast Coast. the girl became a slave of the fire angel and had the power to heal the fire angel. when the son grew, he married the girl and had 12 children who lived separatedly and hate each other because of the history of their grandmother. the 6 children called themself as elf and the other 6 named themself as mc. and they compete to stop their grandmaother to gained the skill, the weapon and the cloack from their grandmother.


The lady angel just want, who from each of their grandchildren can stop her and get the first costume

how to attack the fire Angel is like The boss in RG Heroic. however, this is a fire and using a wing.
in the right wing has a fire arrow skill and left wing has blazing ground
this skill I submit it myself is a fire shield. this skill like a shaman sheld. However this shield has a red color (light red) and has fire. if we attack that skill, we can get a damage like fire as a meteor.

and that skill type is Epic 1/2


HP : 2.000.000

attack : magic

damage : 700

physic def : 2000

magic def : 2000







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Maidguard Wizard:

HP: 30.000

Attack: Magic Attack

Dmg: 300

Def Physic: 1500

Def Magic : 1000




Healing Torch (Priest Skill) 5/5

Redemption (Priest Skill) 3/4

Barskin (Druid Skill) 3/5


GM I want This Boss Place in T3 Ayvondil

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