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He was the only warrior of his kind who survived after the Great War, all rejected him because his way of acting.
The fighter had no name he only wanted to be known as the dragon warrior but had such contempt that the people sent him away and he had to go elsewhere to seek his glory and formed his own covenant with other vagabonds and misfits.
Years passed and everyone forgot about the one who claimed to be 
The Dragon Warrior. He found a cave where they could stay alive, he trained every day to become stronger ...
More years passed and he was growing more each time, he was becoming excessively large, and his body was molded like a godly warrior.
Some more years later the Dragon Warrior was looking for new places until he found another cave where he had sealed himself off, he decided to stay there until one day  5 warriors penetrated into the cave and saw the fierce dragon scared them greatly. One of them had a scythe and another had a long sword and also a chain, the frightened warriors against the dragon warrior could not defeat him. Unfortunately  3 died and 2 were able to escape.
the Dragon Warrior grabbed the scythe, long bar, chain and armor and then use it for himself.
The 2 survivors reached their village and told everyone what had happened. they called him (the warrior hell)
Since then the warrior hell was well known and now every day there are soldiers trying to defeat him for his treasure and glory.








scythe can rotate and after the enemy valley

I mean that for 2 laps and then hit the enemy.
the warrior hell can throw fire if the enemy is 2 pictures of him.
2000000hp as it will have a higher level
Warrior gives stun every 2 blows with the scythe
by: Mrhobbos, hobbos and mzhobbos.


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