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          In the north zone of Irselnort island, you can still see the scars of the legendary and ancient war between the surface inhabitants and the depths living magma race. The nowadays extinct volcano that crowns the island, was once the attack route that the evil magma creatures used to reach the surface and start a war against Legionaries and Sentinels. The strenght of this creatures was unique, that's how sooner than what mortals expected, they began to gain territory. The eastern and western caravan camps, vital citys for the economy of the land, were about to fall under the power of the magma army, so mortals were forced to ask for help to the Gods.

          The Titan Myros was sent in response to the mortal's praying. With his fighting skills and his lightning powers, the Titan soon changed the course of the war. Chased by Myros and the mortals army, the magma creatures fell back to the volcano and started its eruption. The ground was shaked violently, and the rumbles could be felt lots of miles away. This made mortals fear for their lives, and in an act of cowardice and betrayal, they ran away. Myros was abandoned in battle and quickly surrounded by the magma forces. Knowing that he had no escape, he did a last effort and rushed to the top of the volcano, sealing the crater by destroying it with his mythical sword and his powerful lightnings.

          Myros fell to the depths of Earth and was renamed as Magmyros after being recruited by the magma race. His thirst of revenge made his soul easier to corrupt. The Gods didn't help him, knowing that someday he would return to the surface to punish the mortals for their betrayal. And that day has come. 


Magmyros will here


at the foot of that big volcano, inside a cave with 4 levels, all of them full of groups of hostile magma monsters. The boss will be on the fourth one, surrounded by 3 magma monsters that can use the skill Magma Stun, wich deals damage and stuns preventing movement and using skills for a few seconds. All of them will be melee type, and they will attack anyone that gets into a 5 sqares range near the boss.


The boss has the skills:

Lightning Rain (active): strikes everyone that is attacking him with a lightning, dealing magic damage.

Two-edged Aura (active): aura that lasts 15 seconds and makes the player recive 30% of the damage he deals against the boss.

Magma Strike (active): strong strike against one target dealing physical damage

God's favor (passive): 250% life steal


This is Magmyros (he has magma veins runing through his arms and legs, but the ones in his arms can be hardly noticed in my drawing)



Vote me ! thanks ! if i forgot sumthin, lemme kno an i'll add it !

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