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new pvp within faction

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Chaos pots should be taken off and add in option in menu to be in PvP mode so we can fight each other in faction the chaos pots suck because we buy it for a lot of gold then it only last 5mins and its not fair and fun that's why there needs to be an option to put yourself in faction PvP mode

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Please use the "Search" function before creating topics. :)  This topic has already been created before, here.

And the answer for your suggestion is:


We needed years until they implement a fighting-ally sys, and in the end they didn't create it in the purpose of pvping, but we can use it in a pvping way. So the best way is to go to a closed place between you and your friend and do your pvp. Otherwise, I think they won't implement it, and please forget the prizes idea... :lol:
Feel free to ask any question and good luck!  :good:  :friends:
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