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New skills Voting


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Dear Dev

all the game players have been waiting for the next lvl update update

and hopefully it will include new skills

so I was wondering if that in case that you didn't made your decision about skills until now

you put a voting for the skills putting a list of skills that you can vote as a forum members or as a warspear account by their number (Each account must have lvl +18 char)


on this condition :

Each account has a 1 vote opportunity that cannot be changed

The skills will be random ( not allocated to a specific class)

once you vote you cannot vote again

the skills allocation will be by the Dev ( they choose which call get which skill)


the skills can be taken from any previous suggestion including the new "make your boss" contest

the top 6 voted / desired skills will be added to game and as I say Dev choose where to put them


If the idea of warspear account voting is not possible I would appreciate life you tell me about that :)

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EVERYONE will vote for the skills that does damage, period. Also, everyone will shittalk other classes' skills for being top op before they're even released

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Nothing bad in voting on skills, on forum or using game accounts method.

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Good idea they should try that and if they talk about skills being op then they don't know what there talking about and should be muted for that

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