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KEYBORG WARRIOR - Beelzebufo - US-Sapphire

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Some may say, curiousity is the key to new experiences and knowledges. But can you believe that?

I do believe. And I can see that almost everyone believes in that statement to at least some degree.

But once in every millenia, there will be one chosen person who reaches a certain level of curiousity: 0.0% curiousity.

This person will soon cause problem to the fabric of reality in Arinar.


The Clipping:

Our hero was once a cheerful warrior with tons of dreams for his future. But little did he know, every passing day, he grew less and less curious until one day, he lost all his interests in new things.

He only completes daily quests in Arinar, dies, respawns, buy and sell items, and repeats all the activities again and again.

While his curiousity reaches 0.0%, the lowest possible curiousity in Arinar's reality, he is trapped in Battle of Territories. He dies and tries to respawn.

He tries to respawn but the chaos from the battle somehow disturbs the respawning process for everyone for a fraction of a second. Everyone respawns as expected but something else happens to our hero. Something that can only take place once in every millenia with so many coincidences needed to happen all at once.

He is transported to a strange world with little resemblance to Arinar. He can recognize people there but in a very distorted shapes. It is as if they have infinite sides instead of only 4 like what he is used to seeing in Arinar.

He notices people are sitting in some kind of chair, a desk, and a tablet with letters that they press, hit, and slide quickly and repeatedly.

As he is getting closer to the tablet, he notices something that almost explodes his mind. He sees Arinar inside a bright rectangle. And he immediately inspects his own body, he notices that he has been seeing everything from the ceiling of the building. His body isn't really there.

He tries his best to look closer to the tablet with letters. He sees the human-being repeatedly hits the letter F. And the person hits the F letter so hard it makes some noise.

As he look at the rectangle again, he sees Battle of Terriories is over. Before he can do anything else, he respawned.


The Return of Curiousity

Our hero can never forget what he saw. But somehow there is no way he can make sense of how things looked in the reality he clipped into.

He finally feels something he has long forgotten: curiousity.

He doesn't know where to go to find more information or at least to tell the story without being called insane. But he then remembers that he can ask some sages in Almahad. The most spiritual land in Arinar.

He meets the sage and tells everything. The sage doesn't respond for a while. Our hero is so disappointed but he waits patiently for any response.

The sage finally says something interesting.


"My child, I know this day will come. But I can't help you much. What I can tell you is that you saw a reality of higher dimension than ours. A very incredible incomprehensible place where you can move in all directions you can't even imagine in our world. The sages in the past said that it is the world of our creator. The gods. The spiritually enlightened entities.

But I can only tell you so much. We must go somewhere else to take any meaningful action about it."


They sail to Ayvondil to the flying islands. Our hero protested when he is told where they are going to.


"Are you insane? Wait, of course you are. But don't you think we'd better be as far as possible from The Engineer?!"


The sage then replies


"My child, you saw the higher dimension. Flying island is the highest point in Arinar. And The Engineer is the only entity with the right tools to even slightly help us. He will work with us because deep down inside, he is just a curious child and will do anything for our information."


Hearing that, our hero is relieved.

Upon meeting The Engineer and telling him their purpose, the entity doesn't waste any second. He uses some brain-reading devices to our hero to extract all informations he can get.



"Your human mind is incapable of comprehending the higher dimension. But is proven to be strong enough to endure seeing it. My device will read the data directly from your brain and use them to create an accurate simulation of the dimension." Says The Enginee


Our hero then asks


"What will you do with such simulation? And what exactly happened to me?"


The Engineer then explains


"You are the chosen one. You reached 0.0% curiousity, something almost impossible to happen to anyone. This fact coincided with the disturbance in our reality from Battle of Territories resulting in you clipped into the higher dimension. The dimension of our creators."


The engineer continues


"Normally, there is a boundary that separates our world and our creator's world. This boundary will detect even the slightest amount of curiosity and prevent anyone from seeing what's on the other side. A person with 0.0% curiousity cannot be detected by this boundary and the disturbance from the chaos had mistakenly 'respawned' you outside the boundary to the higher dimension. And yes, the people you saw there were the gods."


"I am building a simulation to help me understand the power of higher dimension and probably harvest that power to build the New Arinar under my rule. I am the exact opposite of what you were: I have 100.0% curiousity. I can never pass the boundary. Only from you can I possibly get this data."


Our hero says quickly


"Wait, does that mean I..."


"Yes. Because you are now curious of that place, you can never clip back there."


The Engineer replies instantly.


The Sage can see the disappointment and how devastated our hero is. He tries to calm the hero


"My child. Not everything can be answered in this world. Sometimes, we must accept pain and confusion without being able to do anything.

But you must look at the bright side, you can finally see for yourself that you haven't seen all and there are many other sources of happiness out there, waiting for you to explore them."


The Engineer joins the conversation


"Now that I am done collecting the data, I will tell you something. The gods are not only our creators. They continuously create new things and make changes to our world."


Our hero was shocked, how can he never realize such things, if what The Engineer said is true?


"I keep track of every detail in Arinar through the wind, sea, and ground. I can collect data from any place in Arinar from these flying Islands. No matter how good the gods erased their footprints, I can still detect some glitches that they left. Our world is constantly changing. And if you know even half what I know, you will also have max. curiousity level like I do."


"To return the favor, I will not kill you. And I will give you something to always remember the dimension. This is a model of what you saw in that place. The pressing of letter F by the god. I rendered it in a way that will work in our world."


"I will help perfect the model with my spells, clothing, and metals that I have to make it something you can wear"

Says the sage.


After hearing that, our hero cheers up. The Engineer and the sage work together to form the outfit. Until they present it to our hero


"We call it, The Keyborg Warrior. Because you are an ORGanism that became the KEY to the higher dimension!"


They say together.

Our hero is happy. He has finally decided to seek new things and try his best to notice all changes The Engineer mentioned. Because when big changes happen and new things come, he won't miss any of them. He will dominate Arinar's glory!



Since Arinar inhabitants can't comprehend our 3d space, they tried to mimic what our hero saw as best as they could.


The Engineer used his technology to create the image of a finger pressing F key. But since they don't comprehend our 3d space, the sage tried his best to interpret the image into a costume.


The sage used Almahad traditional metal and cloth works to make the image possible. He tailored some of the brightest cloths with color red, green, and blue to mimic the RGB lights in the keyboard.


The letter F can also be interpreted as the tip of a key with its teeth.


And the middle part of the torso of the costume can also be interpreted as a key with its holder in the meeting point of green and blue cloths.


The idea is to recreate the pressing of letter F in our world using Arinar world's logic.


The idea of this costume obviously came from the term "Keyboard Warrior" which often means something negative in modern culture.


So instead of devil, demon, or other evil entities, why don't we dress as other "bad guy" and make a hero out of it.


We want positive community and most players in the game are nice. So I try to make the positive version of keyboard warriors who does everything to spread positivity.


"Press F to express respect" is another key idea of the design. So all this costume does is say F to everyone, spreading respects. And when seen from the back, you can see a finger pressing F key. It will be better with up and down animation. And the F key even has RGB "lights" lol.


The only thing I needed to do was find a way to make sense of the design. So, a hero clipping into our world and see a human playing Warspear is an essential part of the story as a reason or even an excuse for the design.


So that's it, Keyborg Warrior, the hero we need to spread positivity inside (through mechanics, quests, etc) and outside (through social interactions with other players) the gameplay.


- Beelzebufo



Edited by Toad Sage
I think I am done with the details and now it's in final form.
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