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Raskal - The soul eater. *Updated info*


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Raskal was created by White Wanderer to protect The Spear. And so he did for many years ,until last war for The Spear started. Fighting between four armies was so fierce that The Spear was shatered into pieces. At that moment anger darkened his heart and he unleashed his rage on the four armies. Raskal started devouring their bodies and absorbing their souls. Souls he absorbed gave him so much power that even his creator wasn't able to kill him, instead he only managed to seal him into the deepest and darkest part of Ayvondil so no one could ever look into his life sucking and paralyzing eyes. Many years later people have discovered his whereabouts, and greed came over them. They heard of the power this monster holds and they heard Raskal still holds the pieces of The Spear,and they tought they could craft it again. But they didn't know that Raskals rage and hunger grew with each day.


Raskal info:


-Agresive boss

-Map: Ayvondil

-Area: ?

-Drop: Raskal costume, eternal essence and

catalyst , II/III DMG/DEF spheres, bars,weapons 21 lvl

-HP: 1 000 000

-Has both melee and ranged attacks

-DMG of regular attacks: 500

-Has 3 skills:

*Paralyzing eyes (Exhalation of darkness 5x5 area around Raskal)

*Vampire touch (Life exhaust 5x5 area around Raskal)

*Rage (Barbarians Combat Fury)

*All skills on 5/5 lvl.


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Why nice try? 50% are just downloaded pics from internet, 30% those pics drawn and maybe rest 20% are combination of couple monsters. There is less than 1% chance that anyone has drawn a original boss that canot be found on internet.

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