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When the war between two factions heats up the air of the Ayvondyl, a  mythical strange energy is felt by the mages coming from north of the island. A group of priests discovers the source of energy is a monster itself . They named it "Devourer". The born of this beast is still unknown to the whole world .

HP : 300000
Degenerative aura : when invaders are above 3 in number , devourer's energy decreases their hp by certain percentage.
Deeper wound : Has a chance to deal double damage (near 45%).
Enrage : Devourer frightens his enemies , decreasing their attack speed .

#NOTE : As I am new in this game, I do not have much idea about the game story . So if anything goes wrong, I beg sorry for that .post-36106-0-72896500-1432307812_thumb.jpg

Thank You.

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