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Souzin The Dark Mist


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I'm Gonna Update this Whenever I think of something new (story, skills, colors etc.) Stay Tuned!


Souzin was once a member of the United Sanctuary, a Band of Knights that fights for the Light; He was one of Uninited Sanctuary's strongest Knights; he was known for his stealth moves but carries a huge sword.

One night there was a Murder the United Sanctuary Hub and there was an eye witness and he believed that the killer was Souzin (but he Didn't do it) , and for that Souzin was banished from the United Sanctuary and the Kingdom.
And Souzin Filled with Hatred began his journey and Crashed into a Dark Cave and Decided to stay the night there; then somebody whispered "Boy.....I see that your filled with hatred.....Do you seek Vengance?" Souzin Nods****
Then he spoke again "I am the Dark Mist and I order to fulfill your wish you must LET ME ENTER YOUR BODY, do we have a deal boy?" Very well Souzin replied, "THEN VENGEANCE YOU'LL GET!!!!" The Dark Mist Enters Souzin's Body and he felt so Powerful and Immediately slaughtered his former Kingdom Leaving The King Dead  and the United Sanctuary Disbanded.

He remains in the dark cave on where he crashed in and was Known by the Kingdom as "Souzin The Dark Mist".


Hp 20k


Likes the art of Stealth Killing



DarkMetal Swing
A devastating blow that deals Heavy Damage

Appearance: Swings the Sword with Black rays



Disables use of Potions for 30 seconds

Appearance: Pierces his sword on the ground for 5 seconds



Cuts Mp in Half

Appearance: Pierces his opponent


The Dark Mist

Paralyzes Players and recovers Souzin's Hp by 15% for 30 seconds

Appearance: Pierces his sword on the ground releases black smoke all over himself for 30 seconds


Wish me Luck guys!!!


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