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Gorden was a brave warrior elf during the boom war, blessed by Naudu and admired by Harad, during the war the dark army of Berengar destroyed without mercy Gorden and his army .. just doing his wandering spirit in Nortland as a Wisp together with his brave warriors to the end they did not give up ... once Donkor

Sem título.png

passed that place .. and saw the Wisp warrior and decided to take his land Moraktar - Island of Outcasts and brought the warrior elf back to life in a demon more Donkor did not leave that island because his flesh was outlawed more his soul was elf, so they refused as a member, then Donkor hid in a cave in Ivondil


forgotten by god


Tlalocs near the village in fear for their existence .. no warriors want to go to this place to see the monster that was once the pride of our gods

Boss Name: Gorden
Level: 40
HP: 1000.000
1 - Lightning Strike (Blade Dancer)
2 - promulgate darkness (DK)
Demon Warrior costume.
Essentials, Catalysts, bars, equipment level 20, level 19 accessories.
Check my Boss, and indicate possible improvements in images or more details about its history, I am new to posts with photos and stories.



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Photo is not original designed by me, is just a small model that will edit the by reason only to troubleshoot for me for the story, the night I will draw Chief to post here, more for now its worth is the story:D

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I wanted to know more about this NPC Donkor, found nothing about him being Warlock and Necromancer: / more if possible I will change this ressucitador Gorden by an acquaintance who ios necromancer, Donkor I dont know if he is Necromancer or Warlock


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