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Kren the Ruby fighter

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The roaming spirit (Lore)

This immortal creature was once a man among us, a man with noted talent with his daggers. Kren was so skillful he was able to become a person known to kill for money or valuables. Once Kren was offered a dangerous journey for a load of red rubies from the foot of Gray Mountains. He was to be the killer of Orin the Forsaken, first of his kind. The greed of Kren made him accept the journey to almost certain death. Kren found Orin. There was an epic fight, but the spirit of Garahaan defeated Kren through Orin's body and and made Kren a shadow roaming Arinar to make sure nobody was ever to think that they would be able to oppose him. 

This spirit is now known as the Ruby fighter who roams the world of Arinar dueling the most powerful heroes of today. In latest 300 years nobody has ever seen it, but a rumor goes, that it had been seen in the depths of Ayvondil. The man who saw him was never the same. He told everyone that Garahaans breath made Kren half forsaken himself.

The tale of Kren was a popular story among elves. It was a story told to children to teach them about gods and their powers. 



Skills and behavior:



Breathe of Past: Kren gouges every single player, except one attacking him. Lasts around 4 seconds.

Illusory dagger: A throwing knife which seeks itself to many targets. Damage about 120%.

Steady arm (Passive): Kren's skills won't break Breathe of Past



Dmg: ~400

Hp: ~1,2 millions

Pene: ~10 %

Attack speed: 2 daggers + ~10 % attack speed



Kren attacks only damage dealing heroes. When Breathe of Past is used, Kren always attacks the person who isn't under the effect. Kren has no adds, but his location may include some hazards.




Sorry for the bad picture, I had some problems (I'm not an artist, if you didn't realize xd) Also thanks to youtube for great drawing tutorials xD (Note the monster should be a ghost, like dinalt)


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