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Hey guys, this message for all who panic:


don't panic! If your post isn't approved in a second after it's creation, please, remain patient, everything will approved.

Don't forget, that we have a big community to pay attention for.


Thank you for understanding.

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what is special prize for??  the social network voters so all voters get 6666 miracle coins just for voting ??  :shok:


Participant with the most "likes" of their entry will get this special prize.


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i hav a queshtin fur Ruland..

can i choose a costume if i win the #1 place? cuz technicaly, a costume would be teh reward for teh #2 place, but #1 reward says "any item"


yep, you can choose a costume, if you are a winner.

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Greeting, brave warriors, what a lovely day today, isn't it?


World of Arinar in need, in need of your creativity and extraordinary powers.

What happened this time? We really want to announce a new epic contest, we want you to CREATE a BOSS!

Think you're ready for this task? Good, good, check participation conditions below:


1. Create a topic in this forum section (Create your boss! contest), it's name should be a name of your boss.

2. In the topic you should provide a story of your boss (where he came from and what he wants i.e.)

3. You have to describe his behaviour on a map and his skills.

4. And you also should draw him in details (on a sheet of paper or in any editor).


This contest will last one month and will consist of 2 stages:

first stage - 3 weeks. During this stage we accept you bosses on our forum.

second stage - 1 week. You vote for every participant of the contest in social networks, winner of this voting will be awarded with a special prize.

From our side we choose 5 finalists and decide who will get the main prize.


Our contest begins 20.05.2015 (today). You entries will be accepted until 12.06.2015, results and rewards will be announced on 22.06.2015.

What are the prizes? Let's check them out:


1 place - your boss will be added to our game + you can ask for any in-game item + 26500 Miracle coins

2 place - you will get any in-game costume you choose + 17500 Miracle coins

3 place - you will get any weapon you choose + 8400 Miracle coins


4 place - 5000 Miracle coins + 10 surprise chests

5 place - 3500 Miracle coins + 10 surprise chests


Special prize for social networks voting:

6666 Miracle coins + "Love" smile pack


Never limit your fantasy, create and glorify yourself in Warspear Online forever!

Good luck everyone!

could i possibly ask you guys to make a item if i won? :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:



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Ive got a solution against these participants who want to join with drawn pics out of the web ( Internet drawings)


* every drawing, example must have a " drawn"

Warspear signature?


I agree hell if you need me too il take a picture with me with the drawing! :D

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Hey, r0land one question about social networking voting, Can I make facebook page with name of my boss and my likes on page count as votes?


nope, we will add all the entries to our facebook page.


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