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Helpful People from Legion side

Hike Tyson

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Okay i need help from quests since i don't pay mcoins on my Death Knight and its hard beating bosses on my own.Are there people who will help? Well i did ask help but no one listens in World Chat or high levels that i meet.Can you give me names that i can pm if i need help?  :give_rose:

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everyone have thier own things to do, so they doesnt have time to help for newbs.

When you were new did you need help? Yes i know many Mountain Clans and Forsaken are always busy but i really need help.


EPiR sorry i don't play on EU  :give_rose: but thanks  :wub:

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I lvled with pots, mostly. also i doesnt have any mc char. so i cannot do anything abt ur bosses. come to elf side, i may kill them for u.

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